Incidents and Hazards Reporting

Developing and reviewing It is important for staff, student, visitors and contractors to report as soon as possible:


    • All injuries – Events that cause an illness or injury requiring medical attention.
    • All incidents – Events that cause a minor injury of a first aid nature.
    • All near – misses – events that do not cause injury but have the potential to do so.
    • All hazards – Anything that has the potential to cause ill health or injury.
Investigation Who will conduct the investigation?


      • Student Affairs Officer with the assistance of related Manager/supervisor of the incident area
      • Health and Safety Team
      • Pro- Vice Chancellor, Dean of Students and Chief Operating Officer if the accident is serious.


Benefits of reporting all accidents/incidents, near misses and hazards:


      • Investigations (where appropriate) can be performed, and action taken to prevent a recurrence of the incident.
      • Trend analyses of the collected information can be performed, allowing the organisation to focus on preventative efforts on areas of most concern.
      • A formal record is kept for the University and employee, should it be required at a later date as evidence that the event took place.
      • Legal requirements connected with reporting of injury and worker’s compensation are adhered to.